Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ready for a Vacation

I'm getting ready to go to North Carolina on saturday with my college bible study...and boy, am I looking forward to some relaxation! I've gone the past 3 years now and each time it is awesome, alot of good times are had. Sara and I are heading down there early saturday with our friend Kelly (and possibly another) so we can watch the Ohio State blow Northern Illinois away in the afternoon. This trip is always one of the highlights of my year, just hanging out with your friends with no agenda for a week is always a pleasent experience. So, there probably won't be any posts until I get back the following weekend but I'll try to put up some pictures and stories on sunday.

On the poker front, I'm up another hundred (mostly playing pot limit omaha) and have been playing occasionaly when I get the chance. Nothing spectacular to speak of at the moment. Got another one of Harry's tournaments the weekend after I get back so I'll probably head down to that on Sunday again.

Well...thats it, hoping to get some relief from the dreery Ohio weather!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Moving On Up

The past few days I seem some nice wins online, up almost 200 (and it would have been 300 if not for the session I just got done playing). Anyways, most of my time was spent playing 1/2 & 2/4 limit 7 stud, 2/4 limit Omaha Hi/Lo, plus a few sessions of 1/2 NL Holdem. So positive growth is always good to see, especially for me in a variety of different games and being ahead in all of them. The last session I played was disappointing (my A10s fell to 67s on the river, we were shorthanded and I floped top pair and bet on every street hoping to drive him out but alas he hit two pair on the river.) but overall its pleasent to have see growth. Im also getting those Nevada Jack chips from Poker Source Online (finally got my 1000 points on Sun) so they should come in the next week or so.

In other news, Me and Sara have a wedding this weekend in Cincinatti for our friends Bones & Liz so we will be there most of the day. Work has been good, learning alot and having a good time with the people that work there. We're going on vacation next weekend with our college bible study to North Carolina, looking forward to that. Probably not a lot of poker to play while we're there (unless they started putting wireless internet in the beach houses) but we usually scrap together a couple games while were down there.

Anyways, got to keep the ball rolling online and see what happens. Hopefully I can maintain focus with some recent successes and not let it go to my head!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Seven Stud - A Curse & A Blessing

The past few days i've been playing primarily 7 stud, and boy, let me tell you a curse and a blessing. Im up only about 20 or 30 dollars, but the suckouts in that game are unreal! It seems so counterintutive to me, to watch people call your KKs down with QQs and make a miracle catch. I know, I the long run its what you want, but the short term is a living hell. Just venting a bit here. In other news, got 3rd in a SnG today, but the blind structure at Sun Poker for SnG's is terrible. By the time you get down to 3 or 4 players, its all about the cards because the BB represents a 12th of the total chips in play. Oh well, the site has some nice monthly bonuses that are pretty nice for building your bankroll plus I almost have enough points for my "Nevada Jacks" poker chips from pokersource (if you want to sign up there use my referal code "yurk" please!) which look awesome.

Anyways, Sara has been sick the past couple days, so hope she feels better soon. We're going to go see "Snakes on a Plane" tonight after I get off work with some friends from our college bible study. I really hope this movie lives up to its "B" movie potential. Other than that, just a vent post mostly.

Cheers everyone.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Doing It For The Kiddies

So, Sunday night and I'm here to tell the tales of the weekend. After spending a day at work on Saturday and hanging out with the wife, it was time for my day off. After spending some time Sunday morning with Sara and our friend JJ, I went up to a charity poker tournament held on the west side. I show up at this new location (they move it around every couple months) and its looking a little dead. By the time I sat down and got the cards in the air, a little more then 60 people showed up for the 30 dollar tournament. A little on the light side, but a smaller field compared to the 100 to 150 that usually show.

After mixing up a bit the first 2 hours, I was sitting on about 3000 in chips (after starting at 1500) but was waiting for a big hand to show up (the only real hand I got was pocket kings). After about another hour of play I got some lucky flops and built up to around 5000 when a lucky break (or insert suckout) occured. I hadn't played a hand in about 20 or 30 minutes and in late position on a 7 handed table raised up to 2000 with AJs of diamonds (the blinds were 400-800). I then get an allin from the button (a tiny bit more then my raise) and another allin from the BB (big blind) who has about 4500. CRAP! I know for sure I'm behind but I have to make this call. To my relief the the button has KQos (no diamonds) but the BB has pocket aces! I'm way behind....but the flop brings 2 jacks giving me trips! So with a little under 10000, I hunker down and make it to the final table. Now here comes the part that irks me, by the time we get down to the final 9 its a little before 6:30pm and the tournament director informs us that play is going to be stopped at 7pm and the places will be determined by chip count. This sucks for me since i'm in the middle of the pack with around 14000 and they pay out 6 spots. Plus, not having got any hands the whole afternoon I have a gut feeling I'm due for some real hands. I end up lasting till third with some timely steals from the scared short stacks and eventually go out in third at 4 minutes till 7. I had an open ended straight draw on the flop and decided this was as good as its going to get, plus the other two players had around 30000-40000 with the blinds at 800/1600 and could have wait it out if they chose. So 150 dollars richer and an enjoyable afternoon supporting the Southwestern Youth Baseball Team, all in all a pretty good day.

The day ended with some friends coming over and grilling out on our front porch, kicking back some beers, and listening to "Rascal Flats" playing at the Ohio State Fair over the train tracks.
A good end to a good day.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Close...But No Cigar

An update on the past week. In poker news, first and foremost, I've been doing well in some low limit cash games. Played alot of 1/2 and 2/4 and I'm up about a 100 dollars, my main thought on playing limit is that when I get some money ill probably play exclusivly limit to avoid huge flucuations in my bankroll. I also just got finished with a 100 person MTT on Sun Poker (I've been playing there recently because of the soft cash games and monthly reload bonuses to help build my bankroll) and finish 12th. Disappointing that I finished two out of the money and but I couldnt get any cards in the later rounds (best I saw was pocket 7s and AQo). I felt I played it well in the early & middle rounds so no regrets on my part.

In personal news, I started my new job on Monday at the Hills Market in Worthington as a butcher (which is ironic that my wife is a vegetarian) and I really like it. The people there are laid back and the days go fast. My schedule also opens up a day off in the middle of the week while Sara is at work so I can get some poker in without having to ignore her.

I have a live tournament this Sunday at a charity event run by Harry, a Columbus charity tournament organizer, so I'm excited for that. Even though they take 40 percent out for the charity its good practice for tournaments and they have a nice, relaxed blind structure that gives you lots of play. I'm debating playing some cash games there too, but will have to see how the rest of the week go's online in order to finance that.

Ok, Ill hopefully be able to post before this weekend and will hopefully get some lucky cards.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Are The Stars Alligned?

An update of this last week is in order (mostly to maintain some kind of consistency on my part) and its been a downswing in the cosmic curve. I haven't been able to play that much but I was able to play some cash games and a few tournaments online. The results havent been that good, dont have the exact figures in front of me but down probably 50 or 60 dollars. The cards have definitly not been going my way. A couple tournaments went out agianst 4 or 8 outers, my pocket kings ran into pocket aces in the cash game, and more of the like. I did manage second place in a SNG (which is nice because I had a drought going with 6 straight non-cashes which is unusal from my previous 40% ITM "In The Money" stats) but other then that.....nothing.

I've got a saturday poker night scheduled for this week plus a freeroll for OSP on sunday (this was supposed to be last week but got rescheduled) so hopefully my luck turns this weekend.

In personal news, married life is going good and the apartment is slowly getting set up with our new presents! Starting my new job next week at the Hills as a butcher which should be interesting.

Alright, enough is enough for this little update. Hope the cards are good this week!

Monday, July 24, 2006

"Post Wedding Post" ---- Now Thats Redundant

Sara & I on our wedding day

So...its been a while since my last post and A LOT has happened since then. I've gotten married Sara, moved into a new apartment, and I'm about to start a new job in a couple weeks. Whew, a whirlwind of events!

The wedding was wonderful. We had a large group of family and friends attend at the Everal Barn in Westerville and everything went off without a problem. It was definitly the most exciting day of my life (except maybe the day I was born...but the events of that day are a little foggy). After the wedding, we went to "house sit" at my aunt & uncles house in Virginia Beach while they took a trip to Scotland. The house is awesome! Sits right on the beach and is very well furnished. All in all, a magical experience.

Oviously, poker's role in my life has taken a back seat the last couple weeks (though Lee Jones book on low limit holdem did accompany Sara and I on our honeymoon) but i'm itching to get back in the swing of things. I've got a freeroll on sunday with forum (check them out if you live in the central ohio area, Justin manages a well put together and informative site) and i'm hoping to cash in that one. Also, probably host a game this weekend at our apartment with some friends plus some online action i'm sure!